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by advisers … for advisers

Our Vision: We aim to be profitable financial services business that provides a suite of professional services to our advisers. We are a group formed largely “by advisers…for advisers“. Our client is clearly defined as the adviser and PATRON a group with a total adviser focus.

It’s not about us, it’s about you

At last a licence group that does not impose its brand, nor products, on its advisers! It’s your business not ours.

PATRON is focused on advisers with high adviser representation at all levels. From our Adviser Council to various working groups, advisers have high input. This will ensure the group remains focused in delivering services and support that the advisers want … rather than what we think they want.

Not too small to be insignificant – not too big to be impersonal

… is our catch cry, thereby ensuring the words “family”, “team”, and “culture” takes on and continues to have real meaning.

For a confidential discussion please contact us at advice@patronfa.com.au

Key Benefits – The Detail

Remuneration Payment

Remuneration is paid each Wednesday via the REVEX system. Electronic statements are sent each payment period along with a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI). These services are provided in house via our Dealer Operations area.


Platformplus software is included as part of your licence fees. Platformplus is state of the art financial planning software that has been adopted for its wide array of functionality including templates, client management, research, reporting and comprehensive portfolio management.


Technical support will be provided in house. We operate a telephone, fax and e-mail service to answer your queries. Support on legislation relating to superannuation, income streams, risk insurance, social security and related taxation issues is provided. The team will also analyse any current legislation to provide you with an understanding of the rules as well as develop competitive strategies which can help to build your business.


Compliance in PATRON is presented as a “service” and it is our desire to work closely with advisers in the following areas:

  • Adviser website construction
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Seminar Programs
  • Adviser audits/reviews are used to assist advisers and their processes.
  • Other new client strategies

Business Building Support

Simply we want to help your business grow. We will assist in everything from staff hiring/training to business planning. Research shows that advisers need a “coach” in varying degrees and the experience of the team is set to provide this support. The structured approach we will take is;

  • Vision – define what your business will look like.
  • Agree – on key checkpoints.
  • Prioritise – what are the key strategies that will ensure the success of “the vision”.
  • List – the 5 or 6 key points that will achieve “quick wins” and make significant inroads.
  • Create “actions” – for each key point.
  • Participate and monitor – sometimes weekly meetings are necessary with us to ensure the commitment to the plan is maintained.


Dual branding is permitted. While you are free to trade under the PATRON brand exclusively, you are also able to trade under your own established brand.

Professional Indemnity (PI)

Group PI Insurance is in place. A copy of our Certificate of Currency is available upon request.

Corporate Agencies

Multiple adviser practice packages are available with discounted fees.


Our Investment research is Lonsec and is part of our adviser fee. Our Risk research is INC and is available via the groups financial planning software, Visor.

Enhanced Buyer of Last Resort

Our terms are built on the premise that the adviser owns the client. There is a significant internal market to succession plan your business:

  • PATRON – Our agreement provides support in the event of retirement, death, disability and leaving the industry by providing the option for PATRON to purchase your client base.
  • Our existing advisers – There is a ready market amongst PATRON advisers, many of whom are looking to buy additional practices.

Professional Development

This is completed via quarterly professional development days, annual conferences and Kaplan On-line and/or video workshops.

Succession Planning Support

We will assist you to purchase or sell practices. Additionally, succession planning could encompass assistance to bring in other advisers into your practice.


We believe in a culture where a major annual conference, together with smaller quarterly sessions, will provide the opportunity for advisers to build relationships and at the same time receive quality professional development. We have held conferences both domestically and internationally over the years.

Marketing Support

This will be provided via regular client newsletters provided free to advisers (limited). In addition, seminar presentation support through structured presentations is also available.

Group Life / TPD / Group Salary Continuance in a Corporate Super Option

We have negotiated cover for advisers and their employees with extremely attractive automatic acceptance levels.

For a confidential discussion please contact us at advice@patronfa.com.au